As action 7 news reporter Lida Alikani shows us, the prospect of an El Niño winter, has skiers and snowboarders excited. As soon as that white blanket of snow hit the ground, local skiers and snowboarders were anxious to hit the slopes.

“It’s my family’s favorite thing. It’s very exciting to be trucking around in snow shoes, skies, what have you.”

Some could not wait.

“I’ve already been up twice, the conditions are beyond belief right now. It is so good. The Santa Fe ski resort will open early this year. I think this will be the first thanksgiving opening I can remember in about a decade.”

All the excitement over snow expectations from El Niño this year pours over into booming business for locals. This includes Ski Tech, the shop owner Chip Storm expects 5,000 rentals this season.

“A blessing. You kind of spend the off season paying bills but not making money, so when it comes around early, it is definitely something that helps us out.”

And what local skiers can’t stop raving about is the El Niño we are expecting this winter.

“There’s a lot of buzz about there being a lot of snow so we will have a good time.”

Skiers say more snow means smooth powder.

“Wind blowing through you, with the powder just splashing over you, there’s nothing like it. He hopes it will last all winter.”

In Santa Fe, Lida Alikhani, KOAT Action 7 News.